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Al Doha Jasmine Rice | 1 kg

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Brand: Al Doha
• Product: Al Doha Jasmine Rice
• Size: 1 kg
• Amount: 1 pack

Al Doha offers this kind of highly aromatic and tasty rice that suits all your great dishes.

Al Doha offers a range of Egyptian rice SKUs that make cooking more easily without compromising on taste, so now you don't have to wash the rice as it is already pre-washed for your great plates. Al Doha is keen to strengthen the nutritional quality of rice through its procedures as it passes through 19 stages until we deliver for you high nutritional, clean and ready to immediate cook product with the highest productivity so as 1 k.g AlDoha raw uncooked rice become 2.5 kilograms of cooked rice and this is due to sourcing and cultivating the best Egyptian rice sources as well as combining both the highest technology used in this field along with their long experience in this field that starts from the grain-growing phase ending by being packed as end product.

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