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El Arosa Dust Tea | 40 gm

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Brand: El Arosa
• Product: El Arosa Dust Tea
• Size: 40 gm pack
• Amount: 1 pack

Experience the aromatic loose tea with our signature blends, handcrafted and single-estate leaf teas. Our selective variety of organic and hand-picked loose leaf tea offers excellent health benefits and premium flavors. We do realize that there is no perfect moment without tea. Whether you need a small escape in the afternoon or a small kick to get you going through the morning; there is Al Arosa green loose leaf tea.

It is the first packing method for tea packing ( vacuum packing ) in this way the pack is completely vacuumed for protecting the product from the outside environment and make the product still having its initial properties.

Old is gold and so is our Black classic tea. It is the one through which we have established and maintained our reputation in the market. We invest in the finest plant and partner with the leading production companies in the market, to provide you with a mouth-watering aromatic tea. Al Arosa black tea stands for quality, aroma, and relaxation. Not only is the best companion for your breakfast meal or the superior beverage after lunch, Black tea has its own benefits that make it your health best mate. Black tea help:

  • Lowing risk of getting diabetes.
  • Repairing coronary artery dysfunctions in heart patients.
  • Healing intestinal disorders caused by the presence of tannins.
  • Relaxing the digestive system of the human body.

Now, is tea time; isn’t it?

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