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Nesquick Chocolate Drink | 330 gm

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Brand: Nesquick
• Product: Nesquick Chocolate Drink Powder
• Size: 330 gm
• Amount: 1 pack
Make your cup of milk delicious and different with the addition of Nesquik, an irresistible blend for the whole family. Suitable for a fun time with the distinctive flavor of a nutritious drink.
Nesquik Opti Start is a chocolate-flavored powder that changes the taste of milk and complements its benefits to enhance the nutrition that children get at the beginning of their day.
Nesquick is easy to prepare: Add three teaspoons of Nesquik filled with 200 ml of milk ... Can be consumed hot or cold.
Opti-Start® is a collection of vitamins and minerals that supplement the benefits of milk for an excellent day start, providing children with some of the nutrients they need for proper growth and development.
Nesquick contains Vitamin D that contributes to the enhancement of calcium absorption.
Iron and zinc contribute to the proper functioning of mental functions